Belize Tamales

Belize Tamales, my personal favourite a larger Tamale than the Mexican Version and a lot juicier  they take a long time to cook and prepare but they are worth it.

First cook your meat in a Recado sauce, with a few Habbanaros  and Onions bring to a boil then  simmer and cook for a couple of hours until it is really tender. Take out of the sauce and shred. Belizeans like bone in the Tamales give dem taste so save the bones. Make your Masa and add some to your sauce you need to thicken it to add to Tamales later. Once the sauce looks right turn off the heat. The best way to cook them is in tin foil and with a small piece of Banana leaf. So lay some foil place some Banana leaf on top spread around two dessert spoons of masa then meat and bone pour over some sauce, wrap the Masa round the meat make the foil into a tight pack. Then pop into your steamer for 2 hours. Check the masa  is firm if it is whoopie you are ready to eat.

Belize Tamles

Belize Tamales


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